No Blow Sonoma!

How much sense to leaf blowers make? They usually blow the leaves into the mulch and leave them there. I like rakes. Better to remove the leaves and take them away. Leaf blowers are noisy and suck up gas. They’re a waste of time. The wind blows the leaves right back again. Some cities in Marin County already ban blowers, as do several U.S. cities, both large and small. Palo Alto banned them five years ago.

I know they’re necessary in some situations, like on golf courses where rakes just aren’t practical, but near residences?

Well, a friend of mine has taken up the cause in Sonoma. She calls it “No Blow Sonoma.”  Sonoma has been considering a blower ban but it has been quite the issue in our little town. The latest installment on the issue in the Sonoma Sun newspaper is this rebuttal, “Beware the Leaf Blower Man.” Well, my friend thinks this guy is blowing some hot air out of more than one end of his equipment. Here’s the NoBLOWnoma  Facebook page. I say no blow in Sonoma.

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