New Life for Classic Country Barns

The landscape of Sonoma County is dotted with barns from old times, as are rural areas across America. These romantic old barns all too frequently are in a state of disrepair. Majestic though they may be, they  are often on the verge of collapse. That’s why its inspiring to see these old treasures given new life.

Sonoma Architect Adrian Martinez has laid the groundwork for saving a some of these barns at a site in Sonoma California.

The large one is most likely more than 100 years old and is about 42 feet wide by 40 deep.

It  has been raised in order to build a new foundation. First, however, a wood framed structure was built inside to stabilize it.

The original foundation was stone and the new concrete foundation will be faced with thin cut stone to emulate the original.  Old barnwood will be used to infill as needed and new barn doors of old planks will be made. There will be new multipaned dark green windows.  The deteriorated tin roof will be replaced with a new red corrugated metal roof.

The smaller barn is the Garden Barn, which is new construction but with old barn-wood siding, new dark green windows and a red corrugated roof.  It will be used in conjunction with an extensive vegetable garden & pumpkin patch, a place for potting, storing tools, equipment & will be a nice place for lunch & resting.

Here’s to seeing these and other barns given new life.

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