Show Garden Prep

This is a schematic of the design for my show garden for the upcoming San Francisco Garden Show.

And here’s a description of the garden:

California Dreaming – Beach Retreat with a Soul

This garden mimics the ocean’s tranquility with a restrained palate, making use of natural and recycled materials. It has a light footprint in the sand.

Included are pacific coast native plants, succulents and other beach-y plants that create a habitat for native honeybees, butterflies, and hummingbirds.

The style is organic modern California beach nonchalance – i.e. gnarly chic.

Growing up in beach towns in California and childhood vacations in Mexico inspired this garden.

This garden has outdoor rooms with design ideas to steal and a backyard beach house vibe.

The first day of load in for the garden show is this coming Friday. Below, the guys are getting started on constructing my garden.

They’re working on the carpentry (that’s my house behind, to the left).

2 comments on “Show Garden Prep

  1. Thanks for giving us a sneak peak of your show garden.
    I know how much blood, sweat and tears goes into these gardens and applaud everybody who commits to its process.
    Thanks also for showing us some of your inner inspirational projects in the exhibit ( that surf board looks really cool ! )
    I hope that the show is a success for you.
    looking forward to seeing your work next week.

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