Atlas Peak Oasis

This is a spectacular permanent residence. The existing house was demolished and a new one was created. All hardscape and existing plant material was removed with the exception of existing oak trees and two large Japanese maples that we transplanted. We filled in a lake, installed a 4,000-gallon water cistern, removed a tennis court and refurbished another.

We added ancient olives flanking the driveway with an orchard on each side, and designed a circular driveway made of Calstone pavers. Flanking the entry to the house, we designed two modern bronze fountains with blue glass and flames in the center. They’re amazing at night and are surrounded by sego palms. We designed a 30-foot fountain with a trellis featuring wisteria and iceberg roses. The 80 ft- double infinity edge pool is designed for lap swimming. The rear garden area includes a 30-foot fountain, bocce court and a fire-table.

The client wanted no weeds and as little maintenance to be required as possible. We installed an acre of gopher wire and weed-cloth under the gravel, leaving space around the oak trees without plants. We under-planted outer areas, using only California natives; and raised beds for veggies and cut flowers with irrigation so she can add or subtract whatever she wants. There’s a magnificent Chilean wine palm, underplanted with “The Flintstones look.” Plants came mostly from South Africa and California but really everywhere: the Americas, Australia – tropical and subtropical places and Asia.